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Sewer Camera Training

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We offer training for home inspectors, plumbers, and other contractors looking to protect their clients' homes and investments.

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Fall of 2023 Trainings

Join a live class without the travel!

The Dallas, TX training is available by Zoom!

Would you like to protect your clients' investments, reduce your liability, and increase your fee per inspection?

If you answered yes to all the above,

This is the training for you!

Want to offer sewer camera inspections, but don’t know where to start?

Not sure what to look for or what you need to know?

Maybe you want to train new employees and it takes too long to get them trained.

We can help you get started NOW!

The training was great! Istvan showed us the basic procedures and allowed us to get some hands on experience. He was great with answering our many questions and also provided us with information on the tools we’ll need and the various scope options. I’d highly recommend this education.

Paul Staron, Arizona

Looking for a live class to attend in person?

Spring of 2024

Live In-Person Trainings

Join a live class without the travel!

The Dallas, TX training is available by Zoom!

What you get from this course.

1) Hands on experience with a sewer video camera!

2) Learn about different pipe materials!

3) Learn how to locate the sewer line clean outs!

4) Learn how to use a Sonde Locator!
Find the problem and locate it!

5) Know what tools you will need!

6) Increase average fee per inspection!

7) Learn to sell the service on site!

8) Stand out from your competition!

9) Get more referrals from clients and realtors!

10) Receive additional bonus marketing items!

Bonus Gift #1

Receive a two Power Point Presentations to customize and share at real estate offices to launch your new service!

Bonus Gift #2

Teach you how to give a presentation that will impress your realtors and get you more referrals!

We have another bonus for you!

Inspector Cameras is offering $100 off of a Scout 3-Pro Sewer Camera! Take the training and show your Sewer Camera Training Certificate of completion of the training to save when buying your sewer camera!

You can quickly increase your revenue per inspection by adding Sewer Camera Inspections!

Not sure how to sell your services?

Want to know how to promote this service to your clients?

What about how to educate Realtors, so they can educate their clients about sewer camera inspections?

We got you covered with marketing tips and presentation materials you can use!

My first camera made me over $40,000 in the first 8 months! I financed my first camera and it paid for itself every month, and made me money! Don't leave money on the table.

Istvan Zsako, New Mexico

Looking for a live class to attend in person?

Spring of 2024 Trainings

Join a live class without the travel!

The Dallas, TX training is available by Zoom!

Have a Team You Need to get Trained?

We do private team trainings!

We will also be discussing:

> How to operate, maintain, and prevent damage to the sewer camera.

> What do you do when the clean out cap can't be removed?

> What if you can't find the clean outs?

> How to safely access the sewer from the roof stack vent and tips to pull the toilet.

> How to get over an offset in the pipe when you can't push the camera over it.

> And so much more tips and information!!!

I was delighted that I could spend the day with Istvan, as he was extremely knowledgeable about the sewer scope process and the business opportunity. He did a great job bringing me up to speed with all aspects of sewer scope inspections. He is really efficient and he made the process easy to understand and explained everything thoroughly. Thank you!!!

Peter Sweeney, Ireland

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